Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Architecture and Design Critics at Major Newspapers

A good source of information and ideas about architecture and design are the people who make their livings writing about design topics for major newspapers. Blair Kamin, architecture critic for the Chicago Tribune (left) and Inga Saffron, architecture writer for the Philadelphia Inquirer, (right) provide insightful coverage of national design issues that are often controversial and newsworthy.

Other major papers have writers with similar assignments. Since many small papers, some are weeklys, don't employ writers specifically covering design, there is an opportunity for people to submit articles on design to fill the void. Part of design education can be advanced by having more people writing and reading about design in local newspapers.

Does your local paper have someone who writes about design issues? Who in your community could be encouraged to write about design issues for the local paper? Perhaps you are the best to do this.

Click on the heading above to see Blair Kamin's architecture blog for the Chicago Tribune.

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