Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Davis Publishing Provides Design Resources

Communicating through Graphic Design: An up-to-date look at one of the fastest-growing art career areas is a high school text written by Kevin Gatta and Claire Mowbray Golding published by Davis Publishing (the folks who also publish "School Arts" magazine.)

Communicating through Graphic Design was developed to address the needs of computer-based graphic design programs, as well as more traditional approaches. This high school text, full of designs by professionals and students, first hones students’ fundamental thinking and drawing skills, emphasizing knowledge of elements and principles, planning, and sketching with traditional media. Students then move on to specific areas of design, observing and analyzing exemplary works from a variety of designers past and present, and finding their own solutions to real-world design problems.

Highlights include:
• Computer-based and traditional approaches to each studio experience
• Design challenges that reflect actual workplace practice
• Career profiles of contemporary working professionals
• Art and design historical references
• Design time line referenced to historical events

Table of Contents:
Chapter 1: What Is Graphic Design?
Chapter 2: The Art of Graphic Design
Chapter 3: Visualizing and Layout
Chapter 4: Identity Design
Chapter 5: Publications Design
Chapter 6: Advertising Design
Chapter 7: Environmental and Information Design
Chapter 8: Virtual Design
Student Handbook

Kevin Gatta founded Gatta Design & Co. in 1988. He began his design career as an associate designer at Herb Lubalin Associates. He was also Senior Designer with Seymour Chwast and Alan Peckolick at The Pushpin Group, Inc., and the Pushpin affiliate David Pocknell & Co. in Essex, England.

Gatta is a full professor of the Graduate Communications Design and Packaging department at Pratt Institute, and was awarded the Institute's Distinguished Professor Award in 1997. Kevin co-authored and designed Foundations of Graphic Design (along with its teachers' edition), published by Davis Publications.

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