Sunday, January 17, 2010

Design Bootcamp at Stanford's is the insiders way of saying "business school" and now, means "design school." Stanford and IDEO created and now a design Bootcamp to develop design innovators. For those who have been curious about what goes on at Design Thinking Bootcamp (left), the folks who put it together have provided a "bootleg" version of some of the teaching in a download called Bootcamp Bootleg (right).

The Bootcamp teaching team has curated a loose collection of the methods, modes and mindsets that Bootcamp students found most useful this quarter. The Bootcamp Bootleg is intended for people who've already had an introduction to design thinking, but who need some refreshers as they head out to tackle real-world challenges. The teaching team curated the collection by leveraging the work of many predecessors, drawing from material developed by teaching teams and folks throughout the design world over the last five years.

The Design Thinking Bootcamp folks say, "The key to the bootleg is to take it out and make it your own. If one method isn't working for you, toss it. If it works, pass it along to another design thinker. If you find a variation that works for you, tweak it and then tell us about it. We’re excited to hear from you."

Click on the heading to get a free download of the Bootcamp Bootleg.