Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Emily Pilloton Survives Colbert Report

Emily Pilloton has a lot of courage - Stephen Colbert from the Colbert Report can be a little intimidating (left). He was pretty kind to her though because she's pretty charming, and he seemed genuinely fascinated by some Project H initiatives.

Project H Design founder and author of Design Revolution, Emily Pilloton (right) was a guest on the Colbert Report to talk about humanitarian design. Colbert walked across the stage in a pair of Spider Boots, used by land mine detection teams to minimize the transfer of shock waves through one's body from land mines. He also modeled a pair of Adaptive Eyecare glasses for developing countries that can be adjusted to fit any prescription.

Emily rolled out a Hippo Roller designed to transport water in developing countries like South Africa. The roller allows people to transport 22 gallons of water (almost 200 pounds) with an effective weight of only about 40 pounds.

When Colbert suggested she could make a load of money selling products like these to the billions of poor people who "don't have jack", Emily drew applause from the audience by saying "We like to measure the triple bottom line - planet, people, and profit.”

Click on the heading above to see the episode with Emily Pilloton on the Colbert Report.

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