Saturday, January 9, 2010

Lady Gaga to Design a Line of Polaroid Cameras

Imagine the design innovations necessary for a formerly hugely successful company like Polaroid facing the digital revolution. They have gone in the direction of creating digital cameras with built in miniature printers that spit out instant photos (left). Will there still be a market for prints in this digital age?

Their new market is the very young social-networking teenage crowd and they have taken the daring step of enlisting pop-singer Lady Gaga (right) as a creative director. This makes perfect sense to that target market because she has always been identified with her own unique fashion sense and is known by that crowd to design many of her own clothes, hair styles and overall distinctive style. Polaroid has made Lady Gaga a creative director and inventor of specialty products for the nearly 73-year-old company. She insists that she will be more of a designer and less of a spokesperson for the new line she will create.

"We won''t be selling cameras with my face on them," the 23-year-old pop starlet told Parade magazine. "I''m working on bringing the instant film camera back as part of the future."

If your students were Lady Gaga, what kind of camera would they design?
Click on the heading above if you're not sure who Lady Gaga is.

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