Thursday, January 14, 2010

An Obsession With Fashion Leads to Fashion Designing

Sarah Jessica Parker (left), who plays fashionista Carrie Bradshaw on the popular TV series Sex and the City has become inextricably associated with high fashion because she looks so good in it. There seems to be some distorted logic that then leads her to be asked to take on the role of a real designer at the famous fashion firm Halston.

Parker is going from wearing fashions by Halston on the Sex and the City set to taking on an active design role, possibly even that of creative director, for Halston Heritage. Halston is the fashion firm that became a household name when worn by First Lady Jacqueline Kennedy and other jet-setters like Bianca Jagger and Elizabeth Taylor.

Designers hate it when celebrities get to become "designers" for leading brands mainly on the basis of their celebrity. I, on the other hand, shamelessly use any connection to the world of students and popular culture to make a connection to design education.

I sympathize with Neal Baer, the medical doctor who became an Executive Producer on TV shows like ER and CSI when it became clear that these shows are where most people get their information about health and medicine. As an Executive Producer he now gets to make sure that the medical information tossed around by the actors is at least somewhat accurate.

Now that I have your attention, let's talk about design education...

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