Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Redesigning the Airline Boarding Pass

Design projects can be found in the simplest and most obvious places - like an airline boarding pass. One of the tricks of design is to be aware of times in which you struggle to use something and better design could improve the experience. Since many people have recently returned from holiday travel involving airline flights this might resonate with you.

Designer Tyler Thompson noticed how difficult it is to read the common airline pass that is issued for boarding planes. He spent part of his flight time sketching out some alternative designs that would make the information easier to read (left). His article (click on the heading above) includes some of the key design parameters and the readers comments provide a lively discussion.

One reader pointed out that on the larger portion that the gate agent keeps, the passenger is most interested in the gate number but on the short piece left behind, the passenger is most interested in the seat number. This can be accommodated in the design.

Click on the heading above to see the original article and the readers' comments.

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