Sunday, January 17, 2010

What Type Are You?

Typefaces have different personalities and, if you have any personality, there is a typeface that represents you. That is the premise of a bit of fun by the creative personalities at Pentagram (one of the top graphic design firms in the world).

A faceless psychoanalyst (left) asks you a few key questions and, based on your answers, tells you what typeface you are (right).

Click on the heading above, type in your name and use the password "character" to find out what typeface you are.

This is a great device to use with students to help them understand that choices of typefaces are not arbitrary and tell us as much about a person or company as their choice of clothes, religion or political affiliation.

Pentagram originated in London in 1972, and opened offices in New York 1978, San Francisco in 1986, Austin in 1994, and Berlin in 2002. Check out their website and the people who make up Pentagram.