Friday, February 26, 2010

Designing with living trees

Eco-architect Mitchell Joachim has visionary ideas about how to grow living treehouses from ficus molded around frame structures. As part of the ecological architecture nonprofit Terreform, Mitchell Joachim, Lara Greden, and Javier Arbona designed a living treehouse in which the dwelling itself merges with its environment and nourishes its inhabitants. Fab Tree Hab dissolves conventional concept of home and establishes a new symbiosis between the house and its surrounding ecosystem.

In order to build the arboreal frame, the designers utilize “pleaching” – a gardening technique in which tree branches are woven together to form living archways. Trees such as Elm, Live Oak, and Dogwood bear the heavier loads, while vines, branches, and plants form a lattice for the walls and roof of the house. The interior structure is made of cob (clay and straw), a green building approach that lends itself to customized shaping of walls and ceilings.

Click on the heading above to see a video of Joachim explaining the concept on an excellent site called Inhabitat.

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