Saturday, February 6, 2010

NASA Challenges Students to Design for the Moon

The National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) is holding a design contest for high-school and college students. The challenge is to submit an original work on the theme: Life and Work on the Moon.

Art, industrial design, architecture, computer design and the fine arts are encouraged as entries, and this year, poetry and short stories are also welcome. Design students are encouraged to collaborate with science and engineering students on their projects to make sure their works are "valid for the Moon's harsh environment."

Entries may be two-dimensional, three-dimensional, and digital, including music and video. The complete instructions indicate the size limits for each format. There will be cash prizes, certificates of achievement and exhibit opportunities; however foreign entries will not be eligible for the cash prizes.

Students enrolled full time at art schools, high schools, colleges, community colleges, trade schools, design schools, professional schools, or universities are eligible to enter. Only US Citizens are eligible for cash prizes. International students may enter, but will not be eligible for cash prizes. Selected works will be chosen for exhibits at NASA facilities across the country, including Washington, DC. Top awards will be $1000 for Post Secondary Students and $500 for Secondary Students. There will also be smaller cash awards in each category and Certificates of Achievement

The entries will be judged not only on creativity and originality, but also on whether they depict a realistic scenario for the harsh lunar environment. Students are encouraged to consult suggested resources posted on the competition website and to consult with scientists and engineering students or faculty at their institutions.

Deadline for all entries is April 15, 2010. More information on contest requirements and the works of last year's winners are available on the NASA website. Click on the heading above to go to the NASA contest site.

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