Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Research is Key in Period-Piece Design

Sarah Greenwood (right) has been nominated for an Academy Award for her production design of the movie "Sherlock Holmes" (left). The Oscar she has been nominated for is Best Achievement in Art Direction for the richly designed period-piece film which she shares with set decorator Katie Spencer.

Greenwood has been nominated before. In 2008 she was nominated for an Oscar for Best Achievement in Art Direction
for Atonement (2007) also shared with Katie Spencer. In 2006 Greenwood was nominated Best Achievement in Art Direction for Pride & Prejudice (2005) (also with Katie Spencer).

Greenwood is called upon to design films that are referred to as period pieces which try to capture the look and feel of specific places and periods of time in history. In Sherlock Holmes, for example, Greenwood's researchers found actual photos of the construction of London's Tower Bridge which she used to design the pivotal final scene for the movie.

Click on the heading above to see the trailer for Sherlock Holmes which shows Greenwood's rich design for the film.

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