Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Wired magazine shows us the future of the iPad

Apple introduced the "iPad", it's answer to tablet computing, to mixed reviews. But now, Wired magazine (right) is developing an issue of it's popular print magazine specifically for devices like the iPad and people will have a chance to see some of the potential of these new devices. A collaboration between Adobe, Apple and Wired magazine is a hard combination to beat. If you wondered why someone would want to read a magazine on an electronic device, Wired magazine is about to show us.

As the Apple iPad and other devices to read traditional print material on an electronic reader continue to be introduced, many magazine publishers are developing electronic versions of their print material for the new platforms. Wired, in collaboration with Adobe, is developing a digital version of their print magazine using the same designers and other creatives who work on the print version. The digital version will include rich text, imagery, animation, short films and the ability to rotate some images 360 degrees.

Wired editor in chief Chris Anderson showed how Wired will look as an edition for tablets and other devices at the recent TED Conference. Some feel this transition is comparable in importance to the difference between radio and television.

You can see a video introducing some of the concepts behind Wired's foray into electronic publishing by clicking on the heading above.

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Derek said...

I believe the concept is great however Apple did a poor job with the functioning and features of the iPad. Its lacking flash capabilities and other normal functioning that would justify the $499 starting price which can spike to over $800. If someone is going to spend $800 on an apple product that is the size of a laptop, I believe they would choose….a laptop. Lasting thought: Wired is a great magazine to put into digital format but should be looking for other possible applications especially if the iPad doesn’t takeoff as expected.