Friday, February 26, 2010

Yves Béhar designs a green car

Superstar industrial designer Yves Béhar’s keynote presentation opening the Greener Gadgets Conference February 25th included a concept for a unique sustainable auto design. Béhar unveiled never before seen plans for his “hackable” solar powered electric car (left).

While Béhar (right) and his design studio Fuse Project are not new to transportation design, this next project will be designed specifically for the developing world. The idea is that this cute and affordable car will have a standard base frame, but the other components would be almost totally customizable by the end user.

The new car would have an electric base, with components that could be customized in any configuration that the customer could dream up. Many of the parts (like the back and front bumpers and headlights) would be identical, meaning that they would be totally interchangeable. This would use less expense and energy in creating component parts, and easier repairs and maintenance for car owners.

In addition to this smart modular design, Behar’s new EV would be solar-powered with photovoltaics covering the roof of the car. Béhar is continuing the path he began with the XO $100 laptop for kids in countries like Haiti, Uruguay and Mongolia by bringing sustainability and clever design to the developing world where people need it most.

Béhar is known around the world for his fun, innovative and humanistic designs for things like the Herman Miller LED Leaf Lamp, the Mission One Electric Motorcycle and the XO $100 Laptop for the One Laptop Per Child project.

Behar wanted to be an industrial designer since a child because it was a way to escape the gray banking suits of his childhood in Switzerland. He might provide inspiration for a young future designer.

Click on the heading above to see Béhar's FuseProject web site.

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