Tuesday, March 9, 2010

World Industrial Design Day - June 29, 2010

In celebration of World Industrial Design Day on June 29, 2010, the International Council of Societies of Industrial Design (Icsid) invites designers from around the globe to initiate events reflecting this year's theme:

"Industrial Design: Humane solutions for a resilient world"

This topic was selected to facilitate collaboration within the industrial design community with the goal of producing tangible solutions to world problems.

This theme stems from the recent 'Uniting Designers in Disaster' initiative launched on Facebook on 22 January in light of the disaster in Haiti and conveys the important role industrial design can play in global issues.

While the theme for WIDD 2010 calls on the design community to contribute their knowledge and skill, this day of observance is significant in fostering a global understanding of industrial design and all that it encompasses.

Below are a few ideas intended for the professional design community but might inspire schools to commemorate the occasion:

Send a message to your members, students and contacts in your network announcing that WIDD will take place on 29 June, 2010.
Distribute a press release to your media network expressing your support for WIDD.
Include a WIDD component to an existing event taking place around the same date, such as a design exhibition, conference or workshop.
Engage with local, regional and national levels of government to highlight industrial design's value for economic and social growth.
Host your own original event (workshop, celebration, educational conference, etc) in the honour of WIDD.
Support WIDD by creating a social media community to discuss all things industrial design.

By taking part in the World of Industrial Design Day celebrations, you and your students can contribute to the advancement of industrial design through nurturing a global understanding for the discipline.

Try the following:
- Celebratory social event
- Educational and/or Professional conference
- Educational and/or Professional workshop
- Competition
- Panel discussion
- Public awareness activity
- Free public admission to design museums and exhibits
- Host an exhibit or retrospective about industrial design

Click on the heading above to go to the ICSID website.


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