Thursday, April 1, 2010

How women become architects

“To Become an Architect (a guide, mostly for women)”, a guide for new students, and interns, along with personal insight from Angie Brooks (Pugh+Scarpa), Anne Fougeron (Fougeron Architecture), Dawn Merkes (Group 4 Architecture) and more, is a book aimed at raising money for the Women in Architecture (WIA) fund.

The WIA fund points out "In the profession of Architecture today women currently make up about 50% of Graduate students. However, in the profession itself, licensed women practitioners make up only about 15%. Why do you think we see such drastic percentage drops? Why don’t we, women, make it to the end?"

The WIA is “In place to support women in their efforts to make progress, become professionals, and become leaders in today’s field of Architecture in the United States.”

The WIA (Women in Architecture) fund looks to support women to become professionals and leaders in Architecture in America. Founders include:
Angie Brooks, AIA, LEED AP ( Pugh+Scarpa )
Anne Fougeron, FAIA ( Fougeron Architecture )
Dawn Merkes, AIA, LEED AP ( Group 4 Architecture )
Deirdre Hardy, AIA ( FAU School of Architecture )
Marcela Abadi Rhoads, AIA ( Abadi Accessibility )
Maria Moino Fernandez, AIA ( MF Architects )
Robyn Vettraino, LEED AP ( Studio SA )
Tabitha Ponte, Assoc. AIA ( WIA Fund )

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