Friday, April 16, 2010

Position Statement on Design Education presented to NAEA

Robin Vande Zande, (on left in photo at right), president of the NAEA Design Issues Group (DIG), presented a position statement supporting design in art education to the Delegates Assembly at the National Art Education Association conference in Baltimore, MD on April 14, 2010. Robin is seen here after the presentation with NAEA President-elect, Bob Sabol. If approved by Delegates Assembly the position statement will be brought before the Board of NAEA for ratification.

Robin made the case for design in art education to the Delegates using a PowerPoint presentation and participated in a poster session with Martin Rayala after the formal presentation to answer questions and get input from the delegates before their vote scheduled the following day. The discussion was spirited but cordial.

Design education is an essential component of a comprehensive visual arts program. Design is the application of knowledge and skills to intentionally shape and create messages, things, places, and experiences that are useful, practical and aesthetic. Design heightens meaning, value, function, and pleasure in our lives.
Design education engages students in processes, products, histories, and critical sensibilites associated with design. To achieve this, design education envolves learners in design thinking, a creative process for resolving practical problems for others through collaboration, problem-identification, visualization, prototyping, implementation, and assessment. Design education involves students in interdisciplinary problem-solving that draws upon the sciences and humanities to address both present and anticipated problems, questions, and issues.

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