Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Daniel Pink: "To be in business today you must be literate in design"

Dan Pink (left), author of A Whole New Mind and a new book, Drive, (right) says that "Design has become a fundamental business literacy. To be in business today, you must be literate in design - period."

According to Pink, there have been three ways for a business to distinguish itself and survive in a competitive market economy. The first was to create something of quality that works better than the competitors. Improving the technology, or function, of a good or service was a good way to break into a market.

The second way to thrive in business in the past was to provide a good or service at a lower price. Pink says that today that is a downward death spiral - it is no longer a valid strategy.

The remaining, critical strategy, is design. In a world of abundance, design is the only way left to stand out.

Pink's ideas can be found in his books, at his TED conference presentation, in his columns, and by clicking on the heading above to see a ForaTV clip.

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artiemom said...

I am a design art teacher at the middle school level. It's the subject that challenges all of a students faculties. Design principles and elements are like fine art, but students have forsaken the "formal" approach. My students excel in developing their "thinking like an artist" mind set. Math and Science are always taking first billing and now art/design can step up and show them a thing or two! All mind skills come into play teaching design...the way I teach it anyway!!!!!
I'm buying the book! and reading this excerpt to my students today!!! Thank you. Sharyn Bieber