Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Disney's Influence on Manga

Traditional art teachers hate it when student drawings start showing large eyes typical of the Manga style popular among young people today. Few know that the Manga style was heavily influenced by Disney style cartoons.

Traditional Japanese manga and animation begins with Disney's Scrooge McDuck and a low-level Disney animator back In 1935, An "in betweener" at Disney named Carl Barks, though not the creator, drew the Donald Duck that became the most popular images of him.

Bark's artistic style of his Uncle Scrooge comics (left) in the post-WWII era found their way into the hands of Japanese anime legend Osamu Tezuka, the nationally beloved "God of Manga" and the father of Mighty Atom (Astro Boy in English) (right). Tezuka was heavily influenced by Disney, and though his influences include Bambi (which he saw a reported 80 times), Mickey Mouse, and Betty Boop, his strong, bold line-work most resembles that of Carl Barks. The big eyes and small mouths have became a staple of the cutesy style of manga and anime still today.

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