Thursday, October 28, 2010

Fast Company Names 2010 Masters of Design

Each year, Fast Company magazine devotes an issue to what they call "Masters of Design" (MOD) (left)- innovators in the design world who have made some significant contribution to design and business. This October's issue is it.

The cover photo (right) shows Spanish-born Patricia Urquiola (nicknamed "Hurricane Patricia,") who leads a staff of 30 people at Studio Urquiola in Italy and is one of the few women to make it to the top of an industry dominated by men. Urquiola has won numerous awards including Designer of the Decade honors in Europe. She helped BMW develop a car designed by and for a woman and she did the $194 million design of the Mandarin Oriental in Barcelona.

The Masters of Design include young designers from small companies to designers for some of the biggest companies in the world like Denis Weil who created classy new looks for McDonald's franchises in places like Australia.

Click on the heading above to see the whole list of Masters of Design at Fast Company's web site and read their stories.

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