Thursday, October 28, 2010

A Sculpture Lesson from Disney's Halloween Pumpkins

Each Halloween season Disneyland Park displays giant heads of Mickey Mouse and other Disney characters carved from "pumpkins". Seeing how they make this Halloween feature provides hints on how a group of students could make a large scale sculpture of their own design. Click on the heading above to see a video of the process. Watch it a couple of times because it goes by pretty fast.

This video appeared on a special website all about Disney Parks called Disney Parks Blog. The site is a great way to help students see how Disney creates their unique 5D immersive experiences by expertly designing 4D spaces, 3D objects, and 2D graphics.

Without getting hung up on any attitudes you might have about "Disney" and not planning to just copy Disney characters, there is a great deal to learn form the Disney Imagineers about how to create visually stimulating immersive learning environments in our schools. Taking a look at a Disney Park makes our school environments look pretty drab and uninteresting. What can we do with graphics, objects, spaces, and experiences to help students learn important content in our schools?

There are many good books like the one on the left about the Disney Imagineers and how they create the magic of Disney through design.

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