Friday, January 7, 2011

Project Magazine iPad Version

Richard Branson's Project magazine is among the many magazines that are developing iPad versions (left) available for the growing number of people who are using the new tablet sized device.

Click on the heading above to go to a video showing the experience of paging through Project magazine on an iPad. The video shows how to move from story to story by swiping horizontally and reading a story by swiping vertically. Near the end of the demonstration you see the cover story about Jeff Bridges and he appears on the page and walks off (right). There are several interview clips to listen to by clicking on pictures.

The video demonstrates the sound, animation, video, voice and music capabilities in this new magazine format. This video doesn't show that the cover itself is animated.

Since the iPad is only about a year old, these early attempts to explore its capabilities, while impressive, will likely soon seem quaint as designers really learn to design for this new format.

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