Saturday, January 15, 2011

The Spaces in Which We Teach

James Rees (left) is an artist and a teacher who is collecting photos and information about what the places in which we teach say about what we think about education. He is asking people to send him pictures and information about their art rooms.

Rees says he is interested in the habitat of creativity or what the spaces in which artists teach say about their personal pedagogical perspectives. How do we define our pedagogy by they way we set up our classroom environments and what might these things suggest for us as teachers?

Rees is gathering information about art classrooms and teaching and will share this information and conclusions with the art education community. We can help by passing this information along to art educators and others who have access to art rooms.

You can see more information about this project, Pedagogy and Space: Teaching Environments and Teacher Philosophies, on his website,, or just click on the heading above.

How you can help?

1. download the easy form from his website: pedagogy_space.pdf
2. take a few photos of an art classroom

3. pass the word along to other art teachers 

4. email the information to him:

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