Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Who Will Teach Design Education?

As Design Education becomes part of regular K-12 education there are some logistical challenges that need to be addressed. What kind of preparation will teachers need? Who will provide teacher preparation courses? Who can teach design to K-12 teachers?

1. Who can teach design to K-12 teachers who are not majors in design areas - Graphic Design, Product Design, Spatial Design, and Experience Design? Existing courses are designed only for majors in those design fields. Universities and Design Schools need to have courses for K-12 teachers who need an introduction to each of the design fields. Some universities don't have one or more of the fields in their curricula - architecture? product design?

2. A Masters Degree in Design Education. Teachers interested in teaching design (art teachers, technology teachers, computer science teachers, etc.) who already are certified in their field should be able to get a Masters Degree in Design Education that includes:
Introduction to Design, 2D Graphic Design, 3D Product Design, 4D Spatial Design, and 5D Experience Design. They already have preparation and experience in teaching but will need preparation in Design Thinking processes such as Ideation, Visualization, Prototyping and Implementation.

3. Who will take these courses? There are many teachers who already teach graphic design (English teachers who do the Yearbook or student newspaper); technology teachers who teach product design, digital animation, architectural drafting, etc.; art teachers who teach graphic design, product design, architecture, etc.; computer science teachers who teach game design and digital imaging; social studies teachers who have students make documentary films, and a host of other teachers who already use media and design in their classes and would like to learn more. All of these teachers with different certifications could be together in a Masters program in K-12 Design Education.

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