Wednesday, February 16, 2011

What Would a Design Education Museum Look Like?

As far as I know there is not a comprehensive, hands-on Design Education Museum anywhere in the world and it might be a good time to see about getting one started. A Design Education Museum would show the processes by which designs are created as well as the finished designs. It would include 2D graphic design, 3D product design, 4D spatial design, and 5D experience design. It would include designs seen and used in popular culture for mass audiences. These would include popular designs such as video games, costumes from Broadway plays, concept cars, and set pieces from Hollywood films. It would also have exhibits where people learn, and get to try out, design processes like Ideation, Visualization, Prototyping and Implementation.

There would be:

2D graphics used to explain and show the design processes, artifacts, and icons. These would include text panels, videos, animations, sketches, plans, storyboards, concept designs, photographs, digital images, projections, and so on.

3D objects like architectural models, design prototypes, tools, drawing tables, chairs, actual products, cars, bicycles, and so on.

4D spaces including design studios, galleries, hallways, a restaurant, a gift shop, a theater, classrooms, meeting rooms, a research library, and so on.

5D experiences including hands-on opportunities to brainstorm, sketch, build, model, handle, try out, experiment, test, evaluate, and so on with actual designs. These would include everything from cardboard, clay, Legos, animation areas, drawing stations, to a photo studio and a construction site.

Designs included would range from the historic, traditional, and contemporary, to the new and emerging. There would be special lighting, sound effects, music, interaction, food, things to do and things to buy. What would you and your students like to see in a Design Education Museum?

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