Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Design Thinking Toolkit for Educators Available Online

A Design Thinking Toolkit for Educators is available as a free download online. Click on the heading above to go to the website.

This toolkit was developed by the award-winning global design firm IDEO in cooperation with the Riverdale Country School, an independent Pre-K through 12 school in New York City.

The Toolkit is designed to help schools create solutions for everyday challenges by equipping them with the processes and methods of design. It uses a broad definition of design built on the idea that we are all designers and we design everyday much in the same way that we are all authors, mathematicians, scientists, doctors, carpenters, musicians and dancers. There is no expectation that people are able to design images, objects, spaces, or experiences so that anyone can feel comfortable in saying they are a Design Thinker. Design Thinking is a mindset.

The Toolkit includes: What is Design Thinking?; The Design Process; and several Case Studies. The Design Process includes:
Discovery - How to approach a challenge
Interpretation - How to interpret what you learn
Ideation - Seeing an opportunity, what do you create?
Experimentation - Having an idea, how do you build it?
Evolution - Having something new, how do you evolve it?

This toolkit is an excellent framework for anyone interested in expanding the limited curriculum in schools to include problem-solving, collaboration, ideation, visualization, prototyping, and visual presentation skills.

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