Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Joe Quesada and Walt Simonson Talk About "Thor"

Many of the comic book characters created for the two major comic book companies (Marvel and D.C.) have been turned into feature films. One of the most recent is "Thor" created by Stan Lee and originally drawn by Jack Kirby for Marvel.

Joe Quesada (left), a well-known comic artist in his own right, is currently Chief Creative Officer of Marvel Entertainment and recently appeared with fellow comic book artists Walt Simonson and Jim Steranko at the Society of Illustrators gallery and club house in New York City.

Walt Simonson (right) was one of the many artists to draw Thor (right) and was given a cameo in the film as a professional courtesy. During the time that Simonson drew Thor (25 years ago) the mythological hammer-wielding god sported a beard and Simonson quipped that he found a very inexpensive model as the source for the image (hint - look at the two images on the right).

The crowd at the Society of Illustrators was largely composed of hopeful comic book artists so Quesada, Simonson and Steranko provided advice to people hoping to break into the competitive field. One piece of advice was to study the greats but not try to copy their style - "You can't beat us at our own game. You can't out-Quesada Joe Quesada." Learn the basic rules of comics (similar to the basic rules of cinematography) such as composition, selection of shots (closeup, two shots, etc.), directing the viewer's eye, and most of all, draw a lot of bad pages until you can compose a panel, page, and whole 22 page comic story.

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