Thursday, June 30, 2011

Developing a Comprehensive K-12 Design Education Program

Anyone interested in helping to develop a comprehensive K-12 design education support system is invited to contact

"Comprehensive" can be interpreted in several ways:
1. Producing designs, understanding design, design history, design criticism, design theory.
2. 2D graphic design, 3D product design, 4D spatial design, and 5D experience design.
3. Design Thinking - problem-solving, ideation, visualization, prototyping, implementation, evaluation.
4. Interdisciplinary design - technology, art, computer science, mathematics, engineering, marketing, illustration, robotics, social studies, etc.
5. High and Low Design - comic books, pulp illustration, theme park design, video game design, children's animation, etc.
6. Historic, traditional, contemporary, new and emerging design.
7. Design in Japan, India, China, UK, US, Denmark, Finland, Brazil, etc.
8. Elementary, middle and high school levels.


What is needed to support K-12 design education?
Lesson plans, curriculum, standards, professional development, a conference, a social network, a publication, design teaching exemplars???
What can you contribute?

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