Wednesday, June 1, 2011

New Documentary Film Explores Motion Design in NYC

Graham Elliott (right) directed a documentary film called New York in Motion that explores the industry of motion design in New York City. The hour-long documentary is a distillation of over 100 hours of film featuring about 50 of the top motion graphic designers in NYC.

Elliott has been working in Motion Graphics himself for many years and teaches motion graphics at the School of Visual Arts. He realized that even though it’s all around us, his students did not really know what Motion Graphics actually was. He believes Motion Graphics is definitely the next big thing in the creative arts.

He wanted to find out what the people who are actually creating the Motion Graphics in New York City have to say about the field. Richard Wilde, dean of the SVA Graphic Design & Advertising department that also heads a fast-growing Motion-Graphics division, supported the film as Executive Producer.

Elliott felt that the digital revolution has brought with it an era of digital democracy. Accessibility and affordability have put the creators in much more control, as opposed to ten years ago, when you really had to be part of a large company to have access to the tools and distribution networks to produce motion graphics.

Click on the heading above to see the trailer for New York in Motion.

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