Monday, July 25, 2011

Corning Shows the Future Potential of Glass

Click on the heading above to see a visionary video showing some concepts for new types of glass being developed by the venerable Corning Glass Company. With a long and lustrous tradition of producing fine historic and traditional glassware, Corning shows it isn't afraid to adapt to the new and emerging potential of incorporating digital electronic displays into their glass products.

On the left is a bathroom mirror that helps you check your messages and get your morning started while brushing your teeth. On the right is an interactive bus kiosk that lets you check bus schedules and routes and them transfer the information to your personal device. These are just a couple of the dozens of ideas shown in the video.

Many of the computer applications shown in the video we have already seen imagined in movies like Minority Report and Total Recall and in real life with Microsoft's Surface computer tables and Apple's iPad, but seeing how these innovations would play out in our regular lives is pretty inspiring.

In this video some creative people have imagined how display technologies can be developed in the near future. What have they left out? What other applications can your students think of? Using drawings, collages, or Photoshop, students can present their own ideas about how these new and emerging technologies can become part of our everyday life.

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