Saturday, July 30, 2011

Identity Design in School Arts Magazine

The August/September issue of School Arts magazine (left) is just out and features an article about identity design. There is a field of design called Identity Design that often includes “branding” which means creating the identity of a specific, product, service, business, commodity or cause.

A brand might include an identifiable name (Band-Aid), logo (Coca-Cola), sign (the Nike swoosh), symbol (the Apple apple), color (UPS brown) or slogan (“Got Milk?”). Identities and brands represent the personality of a product, company or service. They try to create an ideal image in the mind of the public.

The School Arts article suggests helping students become aware of the ubiquity of identity designs all around us. Students can have fun trying to remember color schemes, lettering styles, symbols, slogans or songs associated with companies, products or services they know. They will be able to identify brands by simply seeing a portion of the accompanying logo. They will remember slogans, songs, and sounds identified with brands.

The article also suggests some design education lesson ideas around identity that go beyond "self-identity" which is often the focus of traditional art programs. There are many opportunities for students to develop brand identities for real organizations, services, causes or events in their communities. By trying to solve real needs, identity projects can become more than just a class assignment and give students real-life experiences in meeting the needs of others.

What worthy event, group, organization, or cause could be helped through better branding? How could students help them increase their recognition and identity in the community?

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