Saturday, September 24, 2011

The Power and Importance of Doodling

Sunni Brown (right) is one of a growing number of professional "doodlers" or visual note-takers. They draw real-time visual representations of speeches at conferences using text, graphics, arrows, sketches, bullets, frames, and a variety of other visual devices that visually capture and preserve presentations (left).

Brown recently presented a defense of doodling in her presentation at a TED conference. Her presentation addressed the underlying bias against visualization in "serious" scholarly works which respect only words and numbers. This is a huge hurdle we must overcome in schools.

There is a systemic prejudice against visual images as a way to understand, process and communicate important ideas and information. Publications with more images are assumed to be less reliable than those that are dominated by text. Seeing, or visualization, is not considered an important basic skill in any educational system from Kindergarten through college.

Our battle is much deeper and more insidious than the effort to preserve Art in schools. We are battling for the value of visualization in any form as an important way people perceive, think and communicate.

Click on the heading above to hear Sunni Brown's defense of doodling in her TED presentation.

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