Saturday, September 24, 2011

Study Classic Animation With Release of "Lion King" in 3D

The release of a 3D version of Disney's 1994 animated film "The Lion King" (left) for a limited two-week engagement provides an opportunity to introduce our students to classic animation in the Disney style. If you missed the re-release of the film in the new 3D version in a movie theater chances are your students didn't. This is a perfect opportunity for them to see how animated films used to be developed through a series of drawings from rough sketches (right) to finished animation cels.

Animated films are made in reverse with the sound track created first and the animation done to match. Rough storyboards, more detailed drawings, and rough pencil tests precede the finished colored animation cels. Click on the heading above to see a pencil test of the hyena scene in the elephant graveyard done in 1993, a year before the original film was released. Show students the development stages of a typical scene in a traditional animated film.

Students can try their hand at concept designs for characters, turn-arounds (showing a character from front, side and back), storyboards, rough pencils, in-betweens, inked pencils, colored cels, and finished animation. All of these are demonstrated in this short pencil test scene from the original Lion King.

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