Sunday, October 2, 2011

Data Visualization is a Huge New Design Opportunity

We now have more data being created each year than in the entirety of prior human history combined. Data visualization is a method to interpret, and extract knowledge from this information.

Data visualization (left) now figures prominently in design curricula, conference programs, and the media. Adam Bly says, "Design is no longer the domain of a few. It is perhaps the language of all of us." is a community of creative people working to make sense of complex issues through data and design. It helps connect the proliferation of public data with a community that can help us understand this data and with the general public. is a place for designers to showcase their work, get feedback, ensure that their work is seen by more people and gets used by teachers, journalists, and conference organizers to help educate the public about various world issues. Designers can share and embed their work using the Visualizing Player.

For teachers and schools, is a place to exhibit the collective work of students, organize assignments and class projects, and help students find data for their own visualizations. Students of Academic Partners are eligible to participate in various design competitions such as the Visualizing Marathon 2010 in New York. Students are also eligible to compete in online challenges.

Click on the heading above to see a short video: How Design Can Make Sense of Data Overload including comments from Richard Saul Wurman, founder of the TED conference (right), Adam Bly, Lisa Strausfeld, Edwin Schlossberg, and others.

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