Thursday, October 6, 2011

Steve Jobs, Champion of Design, Dies

Steve Jobs (right), who co-founded Apple, the world's leading tech company, died Wednesday, October 5, 2011 at the age of 56 (1955-2011). He was one of the world's leading executives who understood the importance of design for businesses to remain competitive in global markets.

Under Jobs, Apple pioneered the concept of the personal computer and of navigating by clicking onscreen images (icons) with a mouse. Jobs introduced the iPod portable music player, the iPhone and the iPad tablet which changed how designers present content in the digital age. The iPad is changing the face of publishing as magazines and books are going online and becoming interactive. The concept of interactive infographics is seeing a huge boost to meet the content needs of iPad users.

Jobs introduced computer users to a selection of fonts rather than the typical blocky digital lettering common at the time. He said he was inspired to seek more readable and pleasing fonts because of a calligraphy class he took in college that helped him understand the importance of well-formed letters and careful kerning (adjusting spaces between letters) in words.

Steve Jobs and Jonathan Ive (left), head designer for Apple, together lead the technology industry by producing brilliantly conceived and designed products that placed competitors in the position of having to always keep up with Apple's lead. Under Jobs and Ive, Apple products entered the history books as some of the most important designs in history.

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