Sunday, December 18, 2011

Macy's Windows Inspire 4D Spatial Design

Many schools have underutilized glass-fronted display cases that are excellent places for students to try their hands at 4D spatial designs and 5D interactive designs because they have enough depth to have foreground, middle ground and background objects.

The Holiday window displays at places like Macy's (left and right) in New York City provide inspiration for creating fantasy displays with inexpensive materials, moving parts and colored lights. The displays in schools can be on any theme and any time of the year. They should be captivating and enchanting as are the Macy's windows every year.

As with any design project, students can begin first with ideation - what will be the theme of their window? This can be a collaborative team project. Next they should do some research on their theme and do many sketches of possible designs to include. Then they should make some small models to try out their ideas and work out any technical problems that might not have shown up in the sketches. Finally they are ready to create and install their works. Students can use cardboard, colored lights, and small motors to enhance their designs.

Click on the heading above to see a video of the Macy's windows in action.

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