Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Designers are Included in NEA Arts Issue on Innovation

Several designers are included in the latest issue of NEA Arts (left), the quarterly magazine of the National Endowment of the Arts on the topic of Innovation.

Interviews include:
Julie Taymor (right), director, costume designer, and set designer for the Broadway production of "The Lion King" for Disney. She works in design fields such as movies (NEA uses the more elite term "cinema") and Broadway theater design.

Fred Dust is a partner at the world famous design firm IDEO with a background in architecture and industrial design.

Chris Miller is a story artist for Dreamworks Animation on such projects as "Shrek" and the animated film "Puss and Boots" currently in theaters.

Josh Neufeld designed the cover for the issue (left) and made his comments in the form of a graphic novel (or as regular people would call it - a "comic book".)

The Brooklyn-based cartoonist, Neufeld, very nicely delineates the difference between Art and Design. In his comic book page he has a character saying that the role of the Artist is to be an "irritant forcing society to take a look at itself critically." This is important work performed by artists. It is different from the role of Designers who look at problems in society and actively work to solve them. Designers employ innovation to make the world a tangibly better place for others.

Neufeld's cartoon cites the work of other cartoonists such as Scott McCloud, Chris Ware and Art Spiegelman.

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