Thursday, February 23, 2012

Can You Spot the Fashion Designers in This Picture?

When we teach fashion design in K-12 schools we are often concerned that fashion design will be more well received by the girls in the class than the boys despite the fact that many of the leading fashion designers are men. We have certain stereotypes about the kinds of people who choose fashion design as a career.

The design team Costello Tagliapietra (left) might cause students to rethink their stereotypical images of fashion designers. At Fashion Week 2012 in New York City, this unique team presented their line of form-clinging cheery-looking dresses that are sensitively responsive and flattering to the female form (right).

Jeffrey Costello and partner (and husband) Robert Tagliapietra, based their new line on a set of watercolor paintings of chrysanthemums that Jeffrey had been doing. Layering the designs and, using color, they created a depth that works in juxtaposition to the fabric's draping of the body which creates a kinetic feeling to the clothing.

Anyone who has a sensitivity to color, fabric and the human form can become a fashion designer. There is little significant difference relating to gender, race, appearance, body type, or any other distinguishing characteristics. What is most important is the quality of their designs.

Fashion Week takes place in New York City at about this time every year so February is a good time to do a lesson on fashion design with students.

Click below to see a short video of the Costello Tagliapietra runway show at Fashion Week 2012.

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