Sunday, March 25, 2012

Pessimism and Fear Threaten Our Future

There is a tendency for pessimism and fear to be used as excuses for not designing and creating the future we would like to see. Designers are eternal optimists who know that the future is not set and will be whatever we create.

A new book by Peter Diamandis (on right) and Steven Kotler (on left) called "Abundance" (right) documents how much progress and hope there is in the world despite our tendency to focus on the negative. The subtitle of the book is "The Future is Better Than You Think." Infant mortality and maternal death rates have dropped dramatically, we are living much longer, violent crime rates are declining, etc., etc.. There is an increasingly significant rise in global standards of living despite the important advances that still need to be made.

If we know the world is getting steadily better it makes a big difference in the actions we take than if we think things are getting worse. Ongoing successful innovation is still necessary to address world problems and we can not sit back and wait for a better future. We must design and create the future we want.

Watch this video to hear Diamandis and Kotler talk about Abundance.

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