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Sunday, February 1, 2009

Survey Says Education Lags Behind Design Industries Needs

Ouch! A recent survey says that college web design courses fail to deliver people prepared to work in the web design industry. The survey says college courses don't keep pace with the latest technology. The experts surveyed say that higher education should focus on fundamentals of web design, not just currently popular software.

The survey, called "Teach the Web," was released Jan. 20, 2009 and includes opinions and advice from 32 web design professionals who are considered some of the most knowledgeable and respected in the world.

The survey says that educational bureaucracies move slowly when approving new curriculum, while the web design industry moves fast enough that the curriculum is obsolete by the time they get around to committee approval. One of those surveyed said they don't hire graduates of university web development programs.

In most real-world design fields the culture of large educational institutions (whether K-12 or universities) is unable to cope with the demands of such varied and fast-moving industries. While many well-meaning teachers are doing their best, those in the survey say students come out of a university program not knowing what they'd need to know to be hired.. They claim that most of the time, students have been brought a long way down the wrong path.

Leslie Jensen-Inman (right), an assistant professor at the University of Tennessee at Chattanooga, where she teaches design, business, and technology, wrote the "Teach the Web" survey and said web design college instructors should embrace the business' harsh realities. Jensen-Inman, a member of the Web Standards Project Education Task Force, wrote in the survey's introduction, "Let's face it. Technology moves fast; academia doesn't,"

If we look at a continuum that goes from "historic", "traditional", and "contemporary", to "new", and "emerging" most educational programs in K-12 through college lean toward the traditional side rather than the new and emerging side where students need to perform.

Click on the heading above to go to Jensen-Inman's blog.

Friday, August 1, 2008

Getting Design Right!

Melissa is a hot Brazilian designer who seems to get most everything right from the products she produces, the processes she uses, down to a stylish web site.

Melissa makes eco-friendly shoes that are 100% recyclable. The production process is fair and sustainable and the "plastic" shoes are made via injection molds, of a special material, melflex, a mono-material which can be dissassembled and recycled. The factory has almost zero-waste (99%), recycling its factory water and waste, and the employees are well-paid. The company supports many social and environmental programs in Brazil.

She also teams up with very hip designers such as Vivienne Westwood and the Campana Brothers (above right). And now she got Zaha Hadid, famous international architect, to design a pair of rubber shoes (above left). Hadid is controversial both from a design point of view (love her or hate her) and construction-wise--her swimming pool proposal for the 2012 London Olympics is already 3 times over budget and it hasn't been built yet. (Check out an earlier article about Hadid being one of the few women to win the Pritzker Prize.) As for the shoes--they look great. She says "The fluidity of our design combined perfectly with the technology of Melissa's plastic, injecting pieces without closures or seals."

Look at a great example of interface design by clicking on the heading above to see Melissa's website. Check out how the icons at the bottom gently hover, enticing you to click on them. When you move toward one the rest politely move out of the way. When you click on one it opens like a shoe box. Check the whole site to see charming animations that introduce each line and other nifty features. I love Melissa.